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Creating a special view of the world around us to be shared is Art. Photography enhanced into fine art touches us with joy, sorrow, beauty and ugliness all to be interpreted as the eye experiences images. The art, these constantly changing images, can be viewed in the various portfolios, as well as more upon request.

Today's fine art photography in the internet age of Photoshop, our new darkroom, allows us to enhance our imagery reflecting the methods of the great masters. Vermeer used optical projections on to his canvasses as well as moved images to emphasize light, shadow and subject. Degas was the draftsman of the eye. Rembrandt created mixtures of oils on his palette bringing heavenly illumination to the eyes of his subjects. Bierstadt did it with sun and shadow.

Lucky enough to have lived in the scenic San Francisco Bay Area where the lighting is magical I have found no shortage of natural beauty to capture with the aid of my Nikons and various lenses.

In addition to the arts my legal practice in San Francisco has encompassed general civil litigation, business law, intellectual property, entertainment law, real estate, and more. I have represented clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California, Hawaii, Nevada, New York, as well as internationally

I was also a founding Director, President of the Board of Directors for five years, Executive Director from 2007 to 2009 of the Jefferson Award winning non-profit mentoring organization, Pathways for Kids, Inc., and named Pathways for Kids? Coach of the Decade in 2007 serving as a class coach and Mentor since 1998.

Currently I am a Founding Director of the Pop Art Museum, a 501 © (3) public benefit corporation established in 2008, as well as involved as a principal in the art of Robert Johns Iconic, recently participating in Art Expo New York 2010, and being named Art Brokerage?s Artist of the Month.

An avid sailor I completed a successful tour of duty as Commodore of Coyote Point Yacht Club 2002-2003 (Coyote Point which merged with the Palo Alto Yacht Club is the major Yacht Club on the South Bay rivaling St. Francis to the North).

Enjoy experiencing my images,

Bob Imber

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